TF2 PropHunt — April 2010
With a player base of over 400,000 people, coverage by nearly all major gaming press sites, and official recognition from Valve Software, PropHunt is perhaps the largest project I've ever worked on. I was responsible for managing our global network of partner servers, implementing a persistent statistics system and after the bulk of the hype had died down ensuring that PropHunt would be maintainable for many years to come. I was also responsible for creating two of the most popular custom maps for the game mode and working with other level designers in making their levels work with PropHunt, which eventually led to my involvement in the TF2Maps.net community.
TF2 Feedback — November 2010
The TF2 Feedback system was a pet project of mine to help improve the quality of feedback on community maps from play tests. To date it has been used in the creation of over 4,500 community maps, used by Valve to improve their maps and used by nearly all community maps made official since 2010. I also received accolades for my work on the project, from both TF2Maps.net and Valve Software.
DayZ Bliss — September 2012
During the height of the DayZ craze, Bliss was the most popular private server software available for the mod. The project suffered from slow loading times due to bottlenecks in the database schema, which I helped to redesign entirely. My changes had an impact on the many thousands of players enjoying private DayZ servers at the time and gave the Bliss project a definitive edge over competing projects.
Projectile Simulator — May 2013
The A-Level Computing coursework requires you to create a bespoke solution for a potential clients, my client was a Mathematics teacher who wished to engage their students in the projectile motion modules by creating tasks that they could solve and demonstrate on one of the school's interactive whiteboards, while also being able to provide homework assignments using the same piece of software. My solution was to create a basic game using the HTML5 Canvas element, however the programmed solution only accounts for 30% of the project and there are also extensive design, analysis and testing documents. The project ended up being awarded 69/75 marks, equivalent to an A*.
Spock — September 2013
Spock is an advanced bot for the Mumble VoIP client, capable of streaming audio from sources as varied as Spotify and YouTube to users on the server. Spock is an ongoing development, and hopefully one day: an open source project.
TF2Maps Site Staff — May 2014
As volunteer site staff for TF2Maps.net, TF2's largest resource for community maps, I was largely in charge of managing TF2Maps.net's technical infrastructure and software tooling.
Heatmaps.tf — July 2014
Heatmaps are a fundamental tool in the level designer's arsenal for making data-driven decisions on future changes to a level in a multiplayer game, they help to highlight areas within the level that are difficult to navigate, are rarely traversed, or are simply too crowded. Before heatmaps.tf there was no way for level designers to collect this information in Team Fortress 2, let alone use it to create better levels. Heatmaps.tf was a wild success and has the support of some of the largest communities in Team Fortress 2.